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Opening Times

2017 Season: May 5 - October 27
2019 Season: May 3 - October 26

FAQs / Help

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How do I use my DigiTickets?

You will be emailed an order confirmation that will include your unique Booking Reference Number and a barcode that also contains this number. You may make a note of this number and take with you when you visit the attraction in place of a ticket, although we suggest printing out the email as this will contain a barcode which will grant you quicker access.

Season’s pass holders will be printed a plastic identification card with owner’s picture at first visit of the year. 

Tickets purchased online including season’s passes will be redeemable at the ‘express lane’ on festival and high volume days.

Do you issue refunds?

No, we regret we are unable to issue refunds for tickets purchased online.   One time use tickets do not expire, unless purchased for a specific event.  Season’s passes are valid for the season indicated only.

What happens when I buy a ticket online?

On completion of your order, you will be emailed a DigiTicket containing a barcode and booking reference number.  Present this ticket on arrival, or if you don’t have a printer, simply bring along the booking number, or save the barcode on your smart phone. 

I don't have a printer...

You do not have to print out the 8 digit booking reference– simply make a note of the Booking Reference Number and take it with you, coupled with some ID, or save a picture of the barcode on your smart phone.

How long should I expect to be there?

You can enjoy Kayben’s Sunshine Adventure Park for the full day.  See website for hours.

What time should I arrive?

See website for hours.  To fully enjoy your experience we suggest you arrive at least an hour and a half before closing time.

Is Car Parking available?

Yes, free parking is available.

Can I make group bookings?

Yes.  You may make a group booking on our website at  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 403-995-5509.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes.  JoJo’s Café is a ground level entrance, as well as an elevator to the top floor.  The Sunshine Adventure Park is ground level, and the terrain varies on the location and weather conditions.  For more information please feel free to give us a call at 403-995-5509.

Can I purchase a ticket in-store or on the day?

Yes, tickets can be purchased at Kayben Farms any day that we are open to the public.  On high volume and festival days we will have an express lane for those who have purchased tickets online.

Do you have restrooms available?

Yes, restrooms are available in JoJo’s Café, as well as multiple locations in the Sunshine Adventure Park.

How can I get in contact with you?

Feel free to give us a call at 403-995-5509, or fax us 403-938-2647.  Keep in touch with current events by ‘liking’ us on Facebook

How do Season's Passes Work?

2017 Season’s Passes FAQ’s

Q:  When can I use my season’s pass? 

A:  Any day that we are open in 2017.  If the weather is warm in March/April, we will open early again on + 10°C days.

Q:  Who needs a pass? 

A:  Anyone age 1 +.  Ages 2+ need a regular individual pass, totas ages 1 year need a tot's pass. 

Q:  Is it worth it?

A:  Yes! The pass pays for itself in three visits, so if you plan to come out and enjoy yourself more than twice it would be a very economical choice for you.  It also gives you the freedom to come out for a couple hours very frequently and not have to pay full price each time! 

Q:  Will I like it?

A:  We sure hope so!  If you would like to try it out, you can use the value of the daily admission towards a season’s pass, on the same day.  The key here is that you have to buy the season’s pass that same day.  And you can use the value of what you paid.  For example, if you paid $15 to get in to the park, you can put $15 towards a season’s pass if you purchase by the end of the day. 

Q:  If I buy passes for my family members can grandma come along too? 

A:  One pass = one person’s admission.  If you buy a pass and it says grandma’s name, she can use it.  If you buy a guest pass that says ‘guest’ grandma can use it.  If grandma and grandpa show up holding the same ‘guest’ pass, they still need to buy admission for one of them.  The pass pays for itself in 3 visits, life is short, buy grandma a pass.  She will love it.  Or better yet get grandma to buy her own pass, that’s what grandmas do! 

Q- What is a guest pass and who can use it?

A: Guest passes are for anyone who attends as a guest of an existing passholder.  They will be identified as  “Guest to the ________family”.  They cannot be used by a member of the same household as the host family. Guest passes are $5 more than individualized passes and do not qualify for the large family discount program.

Q:  Can I buy ‘dayhome’ passes?


Yes! We have designed a program specifically for Day Home providers.  However, since this is a special offer and not available online, your passes need to be purchased in person or by phone. Please contact us at (403) 995-5509 or at and we’ll be happy to serve you.

Q:  In 2014 you had a family rate for season’s passes.  What happened to that?

A:  If you have more than 4 people in your family, the 5th, 6th etc. passes can be purchased at 50% off the current rate.  This can only be done in store or on the phone(403-995-5509), not online.  Maximum 2 adults, must all be members of the same household.